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Completed MS Projects in Winter 2023

Posted on 05-16-2023

Congratulations to the following graduate students:

  • Divya Venkatesan passed her MS project on Software Verification for a Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction Application, and
  • Thomas Woltjer passed his MS project on A C# Static Code Analyzer to Detect and Prevent Unhandled Exceptions and Integer Overflows.
2022 Publications

Posted on 05-15-2023

Links to the papers published in 2022 are:

Completed MS Projects in Fall 2022

Posted on 01-30-2023

Congratulations to the following graduate students:

  • Eric Schoenborn passed his MS project on Hybrid Life Cycles In Software Development, and
  • Danielle Rose passed her MS thesis with distinction on A Hands-On Approach to Applied Programming in a Secondary Education Setting.
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